Availability: ebook, published chapter by chapter on a weekly basis on Wednesdays (Chapter 3 is available next Wednesday) Synposis of the Book The laws of Alaka had been serving impeccably the interests of both angels and humans for thousands of years. But twenty-two years ago it turned out that all this was just a pretense... Mulford, the Leader of the Red Legion of the Empire of Alaka suffered the greatest defeat of the angels by unknown soldiers wearing black habit. This is only the beginning of all those unexpected twists that deeply change the previously all balanced life of Mulford. Conspiracies, secrets, and magic eventually makes the Leader disgraced and force him to the unknown planet Earth. This change completely ruins him both physically and mentally, even if the great encounter mentioned in the prophecies - that decides about the future of both angels and humans - is still yet to come. Who is going to stand up against the opponent in the black habit?

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