Passive Income Strategies

Would you like to make more money? Do you feel like your introversion holds you back? This book is the ultimate guide for introverts who wish to build steady passive income streams. Being an introvert doesn’t have to stop you from making extra income. We understand that most introverts are painfully shy and don’t enjoy interacting with others. The passive income opportunities in this book will allow any introvert to enjoy financial security without acting like an extrovert. We will show you how to identify the best tactics to suit your passion and expertise. Introverts are different and mostly reserved but it doesn’t mean they are not suited for passive income. This book will show you how to make money from home, build wealth, invest for retirement, or achieve whatever financial goal you have. Some of the key tactics detailed in this book include: How to turn real estate into an income stream How to invest in the stock market profitably How to build a successful book publishing business How to build a prosperous blog based on your skill set How to launch a thriving freelance writing career These strategies are practical, applicable, powerful, tested, and trusted. We chose them because of the advantages they offer to introverts who wish to earn smart passive income without going out of their comfort zone. In the end, you will make more money and improve your financial independence. Introversion should not stop you from making passive income. Take these strategies seriously and see the transformation that will occur in your income.

Crooked Line

There's a serial killer on the campus of Tilden University. Freshman Kyle Kemp just wants to pledge Kappa Theta Kappa like his father did. With a murderer on the loose, things don't go exactly as planned. The Matador has hate in his heart, and an axe to grind. This brutal killer is out for revenge and will annihilate anyone who gets in his way. There's a method to the Matador's madness as he takes his victims one by one, unfortunately for Kyle, he's next in line.

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