The Green Line Chronicles: An underground comedy

Michael Shader is a stand-up comic who rode the Washington D.C. subway to work for over ten years. Over the course of 25 short essays he chronicles his emotions and experiences. This hilarious memoir is the perfect antidote for anyone who has experienced the daily stress of commuting.

"I found it especially funny and dead-on as DC Area commuter myself."--Amazon Reviewer

"Hilarious escapades of a commuter" -- Amazon Reviewer

"Great stories of the transit life and a lot of stuff that I thought was only in my head"--Amazon Reviewer

Wrath of a Scorned Past

This is a story of a timid driven waitress reliving gruesome flashbacks of her past. She is challenged by a brutal biker to come face to face with them once and for all. Repelled by led gang member Michael, she befriends him as she battles demons that catch up with her from her past. In the brilliant melodrama, Tanisha is forced to face them after an intense encounter at the diner she works at to silence her past and be a peace in her present.



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