Love and Homicide by Paula-Michelle Trotter

Crashed together by chance and united by desire. He never expected loving her would threaten his career and her life. The famous children’s book author never thought she would be suspected of murder or become a victim. Add in a millionaire who will do anything to protect her granddaughter, even from halfway around the world. Will the truth be discovered before another murder?

The best kept secrets from the world's top Community Leaders

We reached out to community leaders around the world to learn their secrets to success. From David Spinks, who manages CMX Hub, to Megan Abell, who built Airbnb’s Mobilization program to engage thousands of Airbnb hosts. Learn how these talented leaders built movements and kept their community members engaged along the way. 

Our hope is that after reading this ebook you’ll feel inspired, and have learned new and creative ways to overcome your community challenges.


Mobilize is a home for your community to meet, collaborate, grow. We’ve made it our mission to build a communication platform that empowers people to create movements. Through technology, we’ve simplified the art of bringing people together and made it accessible to anyone who wants to start a movement. Since 2014, we’ve helped over 150 organizations, like the United Nations Sustainable Development Network, Policy Link, the California Democratic Party and Helping Area Response Teams, mobilize more than half a million people around the world.

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