Dating My Dad

Shelby faced many obstacles trying to get away from the abuse and neglect she suffered and witnessed at home during her childhood. Conversely, life outside of the home wasn't as she hoped it to be. Apple Dailey has captured the early life of Shelby. Shelby's father was described as an abusive father who systematically, over time, repeatedly told her that she was worthless and that the only reason he hit her or called her names was that it was better than coming from someone who didn't care about her. It became obvious to Shelby that abuse was caring. This message was internalized and became a catalyst for Shelby's future relationships. About Apple Dailey In my possession, I have every diary and notebook full of my personal thoughts, dreams, and fears since I was an eight-year-old little girl. I would never have imagined that I would suffer so much and be able to remember the pain. Every now and then, I take a glimpse at my journals, skim through and instantly, I remember. I remember that I am a survivor of childhood abuse. I remember that I am a survivor of domestic violence. I remember.... Click on the link below To read eBook now

Bridge to Autism: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding And Dealing With Autistic Children With Compas

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding And Dealing With Autistic Children With Compassion. Autism can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be that way. Many people including parents and people directly involved with autistic kids are often on the search for information that will help them understand autistic behavior better, but are often disappointed as most books on the topic tend to treat autistic behaviors in a clinical, theoretical and detached manner that is often divorced from reality. In this insightful guide, Ezra Levi pulls back the curtain on the heavily misunderstood topic and gives you a clear look into the thought processes of autistic children with a powerful combination of the latest research on the topic along with real-world observations, helping you understand what underlies their behavior and experiences. Here's a snippet of what you're going to learn in this eye-opening guide: •What Autism really is: Separating myth from reality •Not sure if someone you know has autism? Here are nine symptoms of autism •Nine foolproof ways to properly educate an autistic child •Eight things you must consider before sending your child in for treatment •How to get your autistic children to be accepted by other kids •Ten surefire tips to effectively communicate with autistic children •Understanding anger and rage in people with autism •...and much more Dealing with autistic people can be a life-disrupting challenge or a life-enriching experience depending on how you choose to approach it. If you choose the latter, then Bridge to Autism is a guide will get you started on the way to better relationships and communication with autistic people. click the button to buy now!

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