Ginga and Bready Meet Nene The Reindeer

In the magical town of Bakerville live a sister and brother named Ginga and Bready. They are Gingerbread people, not to be confused with the gingerbread cookies they make in their bakeries at Bakerville. Even though there is a magical barrier which separates the Gingerbread land from the rest of the world, Santa has no problem finding it on Christmas Eve thanks to Sky Stream. Come on a magical adventure as Ginga and Bready meet Nene and learn more about their town and the spirit of Christmas.

Kimmy's Zoo Adventure

It's time for jammies, blankies, and snuggles with a cozy bedtime story. Your little one will love to go on an adventure night after night and see something new each time in this adorable, colorful storybook. Little baby zoo animals ready for bed make their way to dreamland, but not before they go on an adorable, colorful pajama parade. Story about a little girl who went to the zoo but little did she know what awaits during her visit. She was in for a great adventure, a magical experience.. Join Kimmy on her adventure through the zoo! Kimmy loves coming up with names for all the amazing animals while learning fun facts about these incredible creatures.

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