Crooked Line

There's a serial killer on the campus of Tilden University. Freshman Kyle Kemp just wants to pledge Kappa Theta Kappa like his father did. With a murderer on the loose, things don't go exactly as planned. The Matador has hate in his heart, and an axe to grind. This brutal killer is out for revenge and will annihilate anyone who gets in his way. There's a method to the Matador's madness as he takes his victims one by one, unfortunately for Kyle, he's next in line.

Lord - Single

Lord - Single is an album. It was only now that the realization of the world needs to hear new music and perspective brought me out of the wilderness and into the forefront. it is available for listening on iTunes Lord - Single has been in the works for many time, and now it's here to hopefully shed light on all aspects of the world we live in. Click on the link below and take a look on my song

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