Harry Potter and the cursed child Part 1 & 2

The Eighth Tale in the Harry Potter Saga

Being labelled as 'the boy who lived' for his whole life has not been easy for Harry Potter. In the official eighth instalment of the Harry Potter series penned in the form of a two-part stage production play, J. K. Rowling weaves yet another thrilling and magical yarn featuring the life of Harry Potter nineteen years later in the post-Voldemort wizarding world.

A glimpse into the epic tale

Harry Potter plays the role of a man finally living out the quiet, conventional lifestyle he always wanted to live as a Minister of Magic employee, who is a doting husband and father of three. Yet, he struggles to escape the haunting past, the demons of which continue to consume him. The play also features a grown up Albus Severus Potter following the footsteps of his legendary father and labouring to carry the burden of a family bequest and fortune he hadn't expected. As the past meets the present, the legendary father and son duo strive to come in terms with the darkness that lies within and overcome their inner demons.

The Play

The 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: The Play' airs for the first time at the London Palace Theatre on July 30th, 2016. The play is based on the book written by Jack Thorne in collaboration with J. K. Rowling and the book is scheduled to release on July 31st, 2016. On 10th February, 2016, it was declared that the scripts of both the parts of the play would be released in both digital and print formats.

J. K. Rowling promises to take fans deeper into the recesses of Harry Potter's mind as the play showcases the life of Potter when he was an unwanted orphan.

Quidditch Through the Ages: From The World of Harry Potter

Quidditch through the Ages’, from The World of Harry Potter is a very famous write-up from the library of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It goes deep down into the history, advancement and regulations of the game Quidditch. The librarian of the school is of the view that the book is “pawed about, dribbled on and generally maltreated nearly every day”. Though as per the headmaster of the school, Albus Dumbledore, this state of the book is sort of honour for it. The book is safeguarded by the Thief’s Curse. Harry Potter got this book from one of his greatest friends, Hermione Granger, for his first ever Quidditch match. Nonetheless, Severus Snape took away the copy asserting that bringing library books outside was against school policies.

Some of the interesting facts that are covered by this book are: there are 700 ways in which a foul can be committed in Quidditch. This game first progressed on Queerditch Marsh. Bumping is defined in detail. Puddlemere United which was established in 1163 is the oldest team at the Britain and Ireland League.

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