The Carnsa Development Series books for busy people

The Carnsa Development Series is designed for people, like you, who want a general understanding of business and technology areas fast, from the author C. Lewis. The books are set in semi-fictional fun story settings with examples you can easily relate to providing an easy read. They feature a business professional using her family to help her learn, share, understand tools and techniques. They are designed to be read in less than an hour, giving you the general understanding and tools, for you to work effectively. Perhaps you just want to get a general understanding during your lunch break or commute home? The first two books in the series are out, check them out and get the edge! The author Lewis is a technology professional with experience and learning from roles as a project manager, business analyst and an Agile coach gathered over more than twenty years. The first book is a ‘Model confusion: Guide to Models Used by Business Analysts’. This book is about models used by business analysts in a project. It gives you the tools and general understanding for you to work effectively with BAs (Business Analysts) or to start you on your own BA journey or provide you with some useful models for use in your own project. Spoiler alert: models are not exclusive to the business analyst role. The second book in the series is called ‘Agile Confusion: A Quick Understanding of the Basics and Application’. Perhaps you are not sure what it means when you hear the term Agile in a software development project? Are you going to connect with some technology people in a project and want a fighting chance in understanding what they are going on about? You will be introduced to Agile methodology techniques project from start through to launch. Model confusion purchase links: • • • iTunes: Agile confusion purchase links: • link: • link: • Apple link:

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