More Country In The Summer Please

Hello. This is a nonfiction book that is okay for children to read. It is a story about a young girl's memories about being with her grandmother during the summer.


Famous People for Kids (Vol.1): (Series of Biography Books, Biographies Of Famous People and memoirs

Who was the last leader of the Soviet Union? - your son's teacher may ask.

Who was Anne Frank and what book she wrote? - your daughter may be wondered.
Who was created Micky Mouse? - your child seems interested after watch TV cartoon. 

If your kids want to know about these kinds of questions. Famous People for Kids Vol.1 is the best choice to start. This book will guide your kids to learn about the most influential people in history with beautiful artworks and features descriptions of the careers and accomplishments of the political and religious leaders, inventors, writers, artists etc. Wish you will enjoy reading! :)

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