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After I got out of the Army in 1978, I put my experience working on Military vehicles to good use and began making a good living at it as a civilian. I started up and ran a fairly successful mobile auto repair business called The Auto Doctor. A few years later, I found out about the Bourke 1 Cycle Mono Stroke Engine I couldn't get over just how rugged, simple, light weight and efficient and clean running it is! I was fascinated by it and set out to learn everything there is to know about it!

You see, in my younger years, my mind was fresh and unfettered by conventional 'wisdom' and open to the truth! I found that truth in Russell Bourke's engine design! The man impressed me so much that I dedicated my life to making this data known to all and get this technology out into use where it can do the whole world some good. My websites have been online since 1998! The Bourke Mono (1) Stroke Cycle Engine technology has been available for decades and should be put to good use! It's thermal efficiency is reported to be over 97% under certain conditions!

The Bourke Cycle Engine became what I understand to be the most desirable of operating characteristics and performance of IC engines! I learned everything there is to know about it by studying The Bourke Engine Documentary, which was originally released in the 1960s only a few years before Russell's untimely passing. Years later, as it turned out, I discovered some very rare knowledge about the Bourke Engine that was left out of The Bourke Engine Documentary! I proudly make available to you now!


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