The Smoothies to Spice Up Your Sex Life: 33 Vegan Smoothie Recipes With Natural Aphrodisiacs

Would you like to better your sex life in a natural way? 

Are you open to adding fun activities with your partner? 

Sex with the right partner can be a wonderful experience. Being able to share a bond and transfer energy with a person can reap amazing benefits in life. 

What does vegan mean? Long story short, it means that you don’t eat any animal flesh or byproducts of the animal. For example, that would mean no chicken, beef, fish, pork, dairy, and etc. You may be puzzled why eating vegan helps your sex game increase as a male and/or female. Common sense would tell us if we put things in our body that we’re not designed to assimilate, then we’d have some kind of complications. However, if we put Mother Nature’s whole-food plants into our system which can be assimilated and absorbed, then we’re on to something great. 

This created the idea of vegan smoothies, including aphrodisiac herbs to help naturally boost the sex drive with couples. The ingredients in every recipe are 100% vegan and cruelty free, so you don’t have to concern yourself with dairy ingredients to do you wrong. If you’re allergic to anything on the list, then be sure to substitute for something else.

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