If you like historical fiction and family sagas you will LOVE this book. The uplifting story of one Irish family's fight for survival in the 1840's and their journey from Ireland to Boston MA. All five-star reviews on and great feedback on Goodreads. A must read this fall.

The uplifting story of one Irish family’s struggle to survive when the potato crop failed in 1846. Faced with starvation, farmer Joseph McLaughlin takes the heart-breaking decision to divide his family, and send his two young daughters to America. With heavy hearts, Kit and Maeve leave their home in Ballygall, refugees seeking a safe haven in the promised land. After a nightmare journey, Kit soon begins to make a new life for herself in Boston. But Maeve is waylaid in England where she discovers a very different world to the one her father and her brother, Eugene, are living in Ireland. Starvation has torn them apart: Can Ireland reunite them?



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