6 Months To 6 Figured Passive Income

Many people are completely unaware of what passive income is; our society places such a large emphasis on active income that passive income is left in the trenches. Passive income, otherwise known as residual income, is income that is received on a regular basis, with little or no effort needed to maintain it. 

Can you imagine making money while you sleep (literally)? If you answered yes to this question, then you are definitely reading the right book. The truth of the matter is that a stream of passive income requires a lot of upfront work to create, but will generate income for days, months, and even years into the future. 

Don’t believe me? 
I am still earning income from articles that I have published over 3 years ago! I wake up to earnings every single morning; those earnings come from revenue streams that I have set up in the past. I didn’t lift a finger for 9 days when I was sick in bed...I still earned passive income, during this timeframe, from those revenue streams that I had set up years ago! 

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