The Chosen One

Amber Johnson was the perfect image of success. She is young, beautiful, and most of all a successful entrepreneur. For Amber, nothing else mattered more than the success of YF Enterprises. She is ambitious and hardworking and together with her friend Lalaine, they are willing to do anything to prove that they can make it big and that nothing will stop them from achieving their dreams, even if it meant they had to deceive an unsuspecting victim. 

Things are going fine, but Amber wanted to be better. Just when she was thriving, two men from her past appeared in her life. 

Enter Anthony Wellington, the nerd kid in high school who was dubbed as the school’s pervert. He was called names -- ‘fat, ugly, old-fashioned,’ but he turned his life around and is now one of the most-sought after business personalities after earning the reputation of being a self-made millionaire. He is nice and thoughtful but Amber is wary. They never knew each other well but the spark in his eyes when he saw her begged to differ. Is it just her imagination or he seemed to know her more than he let on? 

Amber is more than shook when Bailey Richards contacted her. Tall, handsome, and gorgeous Bailey, the Prom King and was the subject of every girl’s daydreams, including Amber’s. He is good-looking, and he knows it. Bailey is smooth and suave and he showered Amber with the attention she has been yearning. She was smitten and for her, this was the opportunity of a lifetime she had been waiting to come. Was it right to entertain these feelings or was she committing a grave mistake?

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